…The End


Welcome to my last blog post!

This week I wanted to write about how fun it’s been writing this blog. At the beginning of the semester I didn’t think I would be any good at blogging and I thought I was going to hate it but it was so much fun!

I came up with the idea to write a blog about cooking because I love to cook and bake. I also wanted to have a twist on my blog to make it about the recipient but also so I can write about me. So I decided to write about my memories making the meals I love.

I’ve spent so much of my life making food that it just made sense. I’ve made so many recipes and have great memories making all of them.

When I was little I spend two weeks with my family on the east coast and made jam with my great aunt Jody. I’m always going to remember that.

My favorite blog post is probably one of my first about Sonja’s birthday party. I made a new recipe and brought it to her house. It was so much fun and everyone loved the rice crispy cereal donunts that I brought.

I also loved writing this blog because I got to use my amazing kitchen. My kitchen had some amazing features with amazing tools. One of my favorite features that didn’t make it on my blog post about my kitchen is the little nook in the kitchen made for my dog Lucy. Lucy will hang out there while I cook hoping to get a lick of whatever I’m making.

I think the best thing of all though was reflecting on re recipients I’ve made in my life and looking at how much the ability to cook has impacted my life. I hope after reading my blog any readers are inspired to go make one of the recipes I’ve made or one that they remember making with family or doing something they love.


I wanted to also thank my family for being a part of my blog and also helping out by buying ingredients and occasionally cleaning up my dishes when I couldn’t.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blog it was so much fun to write and make all the recipes.

…The End


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