The Real MVP

Hey Everyone,

This week I thought I would highlight something that has been in all of my post but never gotten any recognition… My Kitchen.


I absolutely love my kitchen I don’t think I would love cooking as much if I didn’t have my kitchen. Not only is it spacious yet compact, it has amazing lighting during the sunny Santa Barbara days and all the tools make it seem professional.

About five years ago my family did a huge remodel on the house and part of it was to give my mom the kitchen she always dreamed of. Unfortunately we had limited space so we needed to be  a little creative. Now our kitchen has tons of counter space and tons of storage space.

Another great thing about my kitchen is all the appliances, especially the oven. We use the same viking stove we always have and it is amazing, with six burners and two oven compartments we can make anything. On days like thanksgiving, cooking a massive meal is no problem, we can roast the turkey while cooking pies and yams at the same time, while also cooking stuff on the stove. The only thing is the stove is impossible to clean, with all the burners and plates on it if there’s a spill, there’s some serious cleaning.



Luckily if we have a lot of cleaning to do our sink can handle it. On of the features my dad insisted on was the large sink, now our sink can fit entire cookie sheets and all of the other dishes I’ve used while baking, which is  usually a lot of dishes once I’m finished.


With all the big things in my kitchen I’m leaving out all the little stuff. Because my family loves cooking there isn’t an appliance we don’t have. We have ranging from my favorite spice rack that looks like the spices are in test tubes, to an apple peeler that peels and cuts whole apples in seconds to a collection of cookie cutters that might look like were a little crazy about cookies.


Also an amazing thing about our kitchen is the number of cookbooks we have, sure I can just go online and find whatever recipe I want, but that’s always a gamble. Though we did get rid of a ton of cookbooks and old bon appetit’s, we still have a ton… Ranging from my mom’s current favorite jerusalem, by otto lenghi to the most amazing delicate cake recipes from Cake, which has the chocolate souffle recipe I made.

With all these factors my kitchen truly is the real MVP of the blog.


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