Birthday Bash

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Big Sister Jodie <3!

This weekend my mom, dad and I drive to UC Davis where my sister is a freshman in college. UC Davis is a long drive so we left early Friday morning so we could all have dinner together. Although Jodie knew we were coming to visit, she didn’t know that I had made her a surprise birthday cake!

The Cake I made was actually supposed to be a batch of red velvet cupcakes but we didn’t have any cupcake liners. The key to being a great cook is to always be flexible so instead we poured the batter into cake pans and made it into a mini two tiered red velvet cake with coconut cream cheese frosting. I made the cake at home and the frosting the next morning but waited until we got to Davis to assemble it. I assembled it and frosted it in the hotel room which was a first for me but it turned out great!


Jodie loved it and was super surprised when she came up to our hotel room.

We spent that night going out for dinner, eating cake, and watching too much Say Yes To The Dress in the hotel room.

The next day we had breakfast at the amazing Davis Farmers Market. The Davis farmers market is a small but really fun farmers market with everything form fresh fruit  to still warm delicious pastries. We got some prepared food, pastries, and snacks for the road and headed out.


We went up into the mountains for a Saturday morning hike. I was a little sick this weekend so I was less then happy when my family made me go on a hike that was at least twice as far as they had promised. Here’s us at the top of the hike.


After some post hike down time, we had an amazing dinner with all of Jodie’s friends from UC Davis. Once we had given them rides back we settled down for another night of watching a couple too many Say Yes To The Dresses, we always take advantage of hotel TV because we don’t have cable at home anymore. The next morning we had a delicious breakfast of crepes at crepeville and headed out of Davis for a stroll in the adorable Historic Downtown Sacramento.


The historic downtown looks just like it did in the gold mining days, the streets have a mix of modern shops and cute old candy stores and old tool shops. After we had walked down all the streets in Downtown Sac, there’s like five streets, we started on out long journey home.

All and all it was a great weekend once again Happy Birthday to my one and only Big Sis <3.


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