Sunny Sunday Sushi

Hey Guys 😛

This weekend we had guests from out of town that stayed with us. Elaine and Klinger, they live in Bishop CA and have been friends with my family for years. Every time they come and stay with us I like to go play tennis with Klinger if its sunny, but this weekend it rained the entire time!! I love the rain, but it made me feel lazy to  stay inside and do nothing. Other than watching TV and sleeping I went to a Friends sleep over where we watched movies and didn’t sleep. I also went hiking on the San Ysidro trail to a beautiful gushing waterfall when it cleared for a while on Sunday (but it wasn’t dry enough to play tennis.)

This weekend I made a bunch of things but I’m going to focus on my Sunday night dinner with everyone. Elaine taught me how to make sushi!!! and it was amazing. Elaine told me that she has been making sushi since she was younger than me and loves it.


To get started we had to go shopping for all the ingredients. We went to Nikka (a Japanese market in Goleta) to get everything we needed. It all depends on what you want to put in your rolls. We got pickled cucumber, pickled tikon root, cucumbers, shiitake mushrooms, long mushrooms, spinach, eggs, avocado, imitation crab, miso soup mix, wasabi, soy sauce, sushi rice, seaweed sheets, and ahi tuna.

Making sushi is easier than it looks but the hardest part is deciding what you want to go in each roll. Cut all the ingredients for all the rolls ahead of time in strips of the thickness they will go into the rolls and as long as they can be. Elaine told me that a rule when making sushi is to never have four of something in a roll, four in many languages translates to death so never put four items in a roll. To show you all how to make it ill demonstrate with an Egg, Spinach and Mushroom roll which was my moms favorite.


First put the seaweed on the sushi roller with the shiny smooth side facing down. Then spread the rice on to the seaweed leaving an inch on top with no rice Then add the ingredients two inches from the rice end in a line extending all the way across.


Next is the hard part. To roll the roll use the form to pick it up and using your fingers push the end around the ingredients and onto the toher side then form it together. Next roll it back into the form as tightly as possible then squeeze the two ends so it is as tight as possible.

img_0327      img_0275      unnamed

After you have made all the rolls cut them into even slices however thick you want them. And you’re done. We made five kinds of rolls; the Egg Roll I described, a basic California Roll (imitation crab, cucumber and avocado), a picked roll (pickled cucumber, pickled tikon root, and cucumber), and two kinds of ahi roll, spicy and plain, (tuna avocado and cucumber.)


Making sushi was so much fun and I’ll be able to make it on my own not, everyone enjoyed the sushi and it tasted even better than it looked.

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